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Warsaw Run 2009

On 4 October 2009 20,000 participants got ready at the start line of Poland's largest running event called Biegnij Warszawo (Run Warsaw). The 10 kilometre route through the centre of Warsaw remained open for as much as 2 hours. Such a long time limit was intended to ensure that everyone completes the run and enabled participation of people with disabilities. The event was sponsored by ACTION S.A. and its strategic partner in the Capital City of Warsaw. The race was organised under the patronage of the Mayor of Warsaw, Ms Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz and was partnered by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the Government of the Mazowieckie Province and Nike.

ACTION sponsors the prize for the winner of the Lesznowola gmina knowledge competition

On 16 May 2009, the Grand May Day (Polish: Wielka Majówka) was organised for the residents of the Lesznowola gmina (district) at Nowa Iwiczna near Warsaw. The event included numerous attractions, including a contest designed to promote the knowledge of the gmina among the participants. The first prize was funded by ACTION S.A. and Toshiba. The winner received a notebook PC from Ms Anna Bielińska, ACTION S.A.'s Chief Communication Officer.

Warsaw Grand Prix run, 5 km

The 5-kilometre Warsaw Grand Prix run was organised by initiative of the ACTION S.A.'s CEO, Mr Piotr Bieliński. Since 2009 ACTION S.A. has been sponsoring that sports event. By getting involved in such activities, the Company intends to promote the ideas of sports competition and create opportunities for the residents of Warsaw to share their passion for sports.

"In my opinion, a 5 km race is a great adventure both for the younger and for the older participants. They prove that running is a sport anyone can do. That makes the 5 km Warsaw's Grand Prix run increasingly popular among active people," said Mr Piotr Bieliński, President and CEO of ACTION S.A.

Cup of the Administrator of Lesznowola Mini-marathon of Independence

In 2010 the company and its private brand ActiveJet sponsored the Lesznowola Administrator Cup Mini-marathon of Independence. Lesznowola is a gmina (district) adjacent to the eastern city limits of Warsaw. The proximity of the capital city and the attractive commercial and leisure areas are but a few of the numerous advantages that facilitate the development of that community. The runners covered a distance of 4,219.5 metres. At the event, ActiveJet was offering the participants and visitors a host of attractions at its tent, including: cycling gadgets, unusual photographs and face painting fun for children.