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Why choose Action logistics centre?

Our logistics centre is the heart of Action’s business ecosystem. Widely considered to be one of the most modern and state-of-the-art logistics centres in Europe, it has been time and again awarded by experts as the most efficient and modern logistics centre in Poland (in rankings compiled by the country’s leading logistics magazine “Eurologistics”).

With the total floor space of 32,000 sqm, our warehouse offers state-of-the-art machinery and innovative systems that work for the success of our customers. Every day, with the use of the highly-automated logistics line, our warehouse can handle up to 100,000 parcels, which are delivered within 24 hours to a selected location in Poland and within 48 hours anywhere in Europe. The high efficiency of supply chain management is possible thanks to the technology we use – API integration via Web Service, XML and EDI.

Action logistics in numbers

Up tp 0,000
a day
0 km
of modern conveyor belts
0,000 sqm
of warehouse space
Automated Miniload System (AMS) containers

Where is Action logistics centre?

Our logistics centre, together with the head office of ACTION S.A., is located in Zamienie, a village in the administrative district of Lesznowola, a commune bordering to the north with Warsaw’s southernmost district of Ursynów, situated on the left bank of the Vistula River.

Geographically, the main advantages of our logistics centre are its central location in the heart of Poland and only a 10-km distance to Warsaw Chopin Airport, the largest airport and air transport hub in the country.

How does e-commerce benefit from efficient logistics?

Like for traditional trade, efficient logistics is also crucial for e-commerce, where factors such as the time and cost of shipment often determine whether the transaction is made in the first place. Therefore, the efficient coordination of all logistics activities must be exemplary to ensure the delivery of the right product in the right quality and quantity at the right time and at a reasonable cost to the customer.

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