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As a public company with a 30-year history on the market, Action is proud to be a reliable and stable employer. With our long experience and team of experts, we trust that you will find our Company an interesting and inspiring place to work in.

If you are here, it probably means that you enjoy challenges and look for opportunities to grow. Whether you’re just starting to build your career or you’ve already got years of work experience under your belt – Action could be the right place for you.

At Action Group, we believe that there are so many good and interesting things to do that you should not waste time waiting for an opportunity to find you. Instead, take the initiative and act now. If you are ambitious, reliable, open-minded and ready to work in a dynamic environment, apply to us! Thanks to our ‘open door’ policy and innovation-focused approach, we not only listen to our Employees, but are also willing to realize their ideas and projects they believe in to reach mutually beneficial outcomes. So don’t just get to know us, let us get to know you – join the world of Action to share your ideas with us and write the new pages of our Company history together with us!

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