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Business strategy of the ACTION S.A. Capital Group for 2024 ─ 2026

The mission of the ACTION S.A. trading company is to provide access to products and services that help us and our partners to develop trade in Poland and elsewhere in the European Union. As part of this promise, we have been setting trends in the wholesale market for more than 30 years, and in recent years increasingly often in the retail market. We are also successfully developing our private brand and business support projects in diverse areas. We offer business customers a number of advanced tools that enable them to trade and partner with us on a B2B e-commerce platform (I-serwis). We also reach end customers on the basis of sector-specific B2C e-commerce projects. By exploiting the synergies between B2B and B2C businesses, we are able to turn commerce into e-commerce. This means that we understand trade trends, offer interesting products at attractive prices, support and advice, as well as e-commerce tools in various formulas, all to be an important link in Polish and European commerce together with them, according to our vision.

Our mission

We provide access to products and services that help us and our partners develop their business in Poland and elsewhere in the European Union.

Our vision

To become, together with our partners, an important link for trade in Poland and in Europe generally.

Our values

Integrity – building trust and commitment.
Cooperation – helping to achieve common goals.
Activity – fostering creativity and development.

Market environment and business efficiency of ACTION S.A.

Thanks to our long-term experience and history in the market, efficient logistics, attention to the diversification of what we offer, suppliers and recipients, and a very good financial balance sheet, we achieve: balance, stability and predictability. This, combined with flexibility, speed of decision-making and the constant following of trends, allows us to better utilise market opportunities and to build competitive advantages. In recent years, the development of our business has been supported by a successful restructuring process. It has allowed for even greater diversification and cost optimisation. Another factor that had a positive impact on ACTION S.A.'s results was the huge increase in demand for electronics caused by the lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020–2022, followed by our investments in e-commerce projects. Thanks to them, we have accelerated the transformation of traditional commerce to e-commerce.

Some important external factors to bear in mind, as they strongly influence the business, are the still high saturation of the market with IT products after the pandemic growth, the high level of inflation in Poland and EU countries, global economic and political instability and deteriorating macroeconomic indicators. Therefore, alongside our development activities, we intend to optimise processes in the organisation in the coming years by increasing efficiency and investing in IT.

ACTION S.A. business model

Today ACTION S.A. is a trading company focused on transforming the two traditional trading markets, wholesale and retail, into professional and efficient e-commerce. We want to be trendsetters in this transformation in order to benefit from it, together with our B2B and B2C customers, hence our motto:

"Turning commerce into e-commerce"

Operations at ACTION S.A. are based on the following pillars

Consolidation of offers from various industries

Thanks to the consolidation of products from various industries at ACTION S.A., we obtain a diversified offer connected by common logistics and IT solutions. Currently, this consists of several tens of thousands of various products. Some of them are consumer products, which go to B2C customers, and a range tailored for distribution – where the recipients are customers from the B2B market. We consolidate what is offered with all its advantages, which are: availability of a wide product range for shops and multi-branch platforms in one place; flattening of the seasonality of what ACTION S.A. offers; logistics, IT and operational optimisation; and diversification of suppliers and recipients.

Synergy of business projects at ACTION S.A.

By conducting business with B2C customers, we have access to a knowledge of the needs and directions of this market. We can analyse a lot of data. This pays off later in building the best tailored product offer for the B2B and B2C markets as well as the quality of customer service. This know-how translates into access to new contracts, professionalisation of customer service and allows us to encourage increasing numbers of B2B customers to be interested in what we offer. ACTION S.A. uses the same logistics ecosystem, IT systems and administration to run all projects, which is also conducive to synergies. The B2B and B2C business at ACTION S.A. is based on trading in products from different industries that can be unified under one logistics system, guided by product margins, opportunities for market consolidation and the transfer of these industries to e-commerce.

Our business projects

In order to pursue a strategy based on the consolidation of different market segments and synergies between B2B and B2C, ACTION S.A. carries out a number of projects aimed at various target groups with different business models.

B2B business

In the B2B model, we have three segments: Action Business Center, Action Global, Home and Living. Each of them has a different mission and strategy, but buys from the same B2B e-commercial platform, i.e. I-serwis – an in-house B2B e-commercial platform. This platform is used for wholesale purchases from all product groups; after registration, the customer has access to: tens of thousands of products from various categories, payment processing, complaints and many other functionalities.

Three segments carrying out B2B business:

Responsible for the distribution of solutions and advanced products. Action Business Center's areas of partnership with B2B customers are: networks, storage, CCTV, photovoltaics, smart home, electromobility, and emergency power supply. In order to fulfil its mission of developing sales in advanced IT solutions, the Action Business Centre provides a professional platform for the exchange of experience, conducts certified training courses for installers, both online and on-site, and offers technical support.

Action Global sells products abroad, mainly in Europe, but also to other countries in the world. As part of building Action Global's brand recognition abroad and expanding its business partner base, Action Global attends major international trade fairs, including IFA and ITC Malta, where it attracts new business partners.

In the consumer segment, through the Action Home and Living segment, ACTION S.A. focuses on supplying all its B2B sales channels with: accessories and decorations for the home or garden, furniture, lighting, sports and office equipment, articles for pets, games and toys for children, tools and power tools, and medical products.
Sample offer.

B2C business

At the B2C level, ACTION S.A. owns online shops that sell to end customers and also uses external sales platforms and marketplaces operating in Poland and abroad. In this respect, ACTION S.A. currently partners with: Allegro, eMAG.ro, empik.com, Erli, and Wszystko.pl. At the same time, we are in the process of developing ACTION S.A.'s B2C business on new marketplace platforms in more markets.

Through the B2C model, we carry out such projects as:

Online shops

A multi-branch online shop which, besides consumer electronics, offers household appliances, products for children, cosmetic and beauty products, medical and sports products, automotive products, music and DIY products. Sferis.pl offers sales support programmes: leasing, instalments, purchases with deferred payment, carry-in delivery and installation of equipment.

An e-shop with a wide range of pet products from well-known and proven manufacturers of articles for cats, dogs, rodents, birds and fish. Krakvet.pl places a strong emphasis on the development of the expert blog content on krakvet.pl and runs a forum for registered customers, which is moderated by experts working with the shop.

One of the largest Polish online shops, with a wide range of weapons and defence articles available without a permit, shooting products and survival accessories from international manufacturers. Apart from these products, it also offers a large selection of tactical and outdoor clothing. Bron.pl also has a brick-and-mortar shop in Częstochowa.

Expert in the area of gaming and business notebooks. The shop's mission: to set new standards for the online shopping experience. 1.pl offers comprehensive support through live chat and unique benefits, such as an extra month of guarantee, longer return times and shorter complaint processing times. Goal: to provide the best products and the highest level of service.

An online shop with a wide selection of products to support the daily lives of the elderly, disabled and their carers – from simple gadgets to advanced medical equipment; providing expert advice, empathetic service and regular expansion of the range to better meet the customers' needs.

We also manage the influential websites: gram.pl, tablets.pl and testoria.pl. Gram.pl is one of the largest and oldest Polish websites for gaming, series and pop culture fans. Tablety.pl is a website focused on mobile technologies and their everyday use, while testoria.pl is a technology and lifestyle website, which offers general shopping advice.

Investment in the development of the organisation

Due to the excellent opportunities presented by the development of digitalisation and artificial intelligence, in the coming years ACTION S.A. anticipates greater investment in technology and process automation, so as to generate satisfactory results in a competitive business environment.

The ACTION S.A. development plan for the next few years.

ACTION S.A.'s strategy for the next few years is to build a strong trading company based on two pillars:

  • B2B addressed to our business partners in Poland and abroad.
  • B2C, where we want to systematically increase sales through marketplace platforms and investments in new online shops with a diverse offer together with the development of new industries.

In both segments, we want to expand our group of recipients by developing our product portfolio, offering more advanced and digitalised forms of partnership and thus becoming more ergonomic and efficient.

In this way, together with our customers, we can successfully

"turn commerce into e-commerce."

Our brands and projects