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Company name ACTION S.A.
Abbreviation ACT
Market Rynek Podstawowy 5 PLUS
Segment Komputery i elektronika
Indexes WIG, WIG – Poland, sWIG80, sWIG80TR, InwestorMS, CEEplus
Date of stock market entrance 06.2021
Telephone (022) 332 16 00
Fax (022) 332 16 02
CEO Piotr Bieliński
  • Public offering
  • Issue prospectus and appendixes
  • History of share transactions

Public offering

Share issue Issue mode Offering date Issue price (in PLN) Number of shares offered Number of shares acquired
C Private subscription irrelevant 12 347.000 347.000
C Private subscription irrelevant 12 200.000 200.000
Issue legal basis Resolution No. 3 of the EGM of 15-11-2006 as amended
B Public offering 6-7 July 2006 12 4.500.000 4.500.000
Issue legal basis EGM resolution of 09-05-2006
A Private subscription irrelevant 0.1 11.910.000 11.910.000
Issue legal basis EGM resolution ACTION Sp. z o.o. of 19-07-2004 and EGM resolution of 11-04-2006 (split)
Subscription warrants issue Issue mode Issue legal basis Offering date Cena emisyjna (w PLN) Number of subscription warrants acquired
A Private subscription Resolution NWZA from 15th of November 2006 05-12-2007 irrelevant 547.000

Issue prospectus and appendixes*

Document File
Prospekt Emisyjny ACTION S.A. picture_as_pdf
Aneks do prospektu emisyjnego numer 1 picture_as_pdf
Aneks do prospektu emisyjnego numer 2 picture_as_pdf

*ACTION debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2006. As the Company's IPO was targeted exclusively at Polish investors, the prospectus and all other documents were drafted in Polish language only.

History of share transactions

Share issue Date of initial quotation Date of share allocation Rights issue date Date of start of participation in the dividend Split Appeals Compulsory buyout
C/347000 pieces 2016-01-22 2015-12-09 irrelevant 2015-01-01 irrelevant irrelevant irrelevant
C/200000 pieces 2013-10-17 2013-09-04 irrelevant 2013-01-01 irrelevant irrelevant irrelevant
B 2006-08-16 2006-07-12 2006-07-24 2005-08-01 1:10 irrelevant irrelevant
A 2006-08-16 irrelevant irrelevant 2004-01-08 irrelevant irrelevant irrelevant

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