Strategy implementation in response to the coming recession

On 29 November, ACTION Group published the Q3 2022 results. In the reporting period, the company’s margin remained high at the level of 8.61%. At the same time, the revenues generated by the Group in Q3 2022 reached PLN 577,101 thousand vs PLN 541,534 thousand in Q3 2021, up by PLN 35,567 thousand year-on-year. The Q3 2022 EBITDA was PLN 12,664 thousand and the profit amounted to PLN 12,213 thousand.

The third quarter of 2022 was the time for ironing out the details of new ACTION business strategy which is the Group’s response to the coming recession. During that quarter, ACTION Group optimised its business processes while improving cost control and increasing efficiency. Parallel to that, the company continued to invest in new projects aimed to grow its e-commerce business in the B2B and B2C segments. 

Consistency in all our actions is our credo. That’s why we believe that our well-thought-out strategy will help us weather the coming recession. As part of strategy implementation in the third quarter, we continued to develop our online sales under different models of cooperation both with our B2B partners and directly in the B2C market. Moreover, Action Business Center, which is responsible for sale of our most advanced products, focused on developing a new series of training opportunities for our B2B partners, which we are now offering to them to further drive sales, comments Piotr Bieliński, President and CEO of ACTION S.A.

In the reporting period, ACTION Group continued to develop new product groups to further stabilize its business and future financial results.

In the third quarter, we were working on our transformation towards the new model of a multisector organization that defies seasonality. Consequently, we continued to launch new product categories and advanced analytics. We believe that highly diversified and interesting product portfolio combined with easy system integration both in Poland and abroad are a key to success for our partners, adds Sławomir Harazin, Vice-President of the Board of Action S.A.


ACTION Group’s selected Q3 2022 financials 

PLN ‘000Q3 2022Q3 2021Y/Y change%Q1-Q3 2022Q1-Q3 2021Y/Y change%
Operating expenses39,61033,2116,39919,3%114,28293,33920,94322.4%
Net profit12,21310,3551,858-29,97272,660-42,688-


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