‘Uncertain times are coming for the economy’, says ACTION CEO Piotr Bieliński while commenting on the company’s performance in H1 2022

On 28 September, ACTION Group released its financial statements for the first half of 2022. In the reporting period, the company successfully maintained a high margin at the level of 8.73%, up by 0.17 pp year-on-year. In H1 2022, the company generated revenues of PLN 1,115,263 thousand against PLN 1,059,184 thousand in H1 2021, which is up by PLN 56,079 thousand year-on-year. The H1 2022 EBITDA amounted to PLN 26,976 thousand while the profit stood at PLN 17,759 thousand.

The financial results generated by ACTION Group in the first half of 2022 demonstrate that the company’s growth remains stable thanks to diversification of the range of products and services and the supplier and customer base, as well as of the sectors it operates in. Moreover, ACTION continues to develop its e-commerce business on the B2B and B2C platform both in Poland and abroad, staying on top of the trends in the global trade.

 Uncertain times are coming for the economy. During the last 30 years, our company has proved again and again that we can weather the storms successfully. That’s why I have every reason to hope that our experience, business agility and development direction based on a stable commercial strategy will help us to pull through this time as well. One thing is sure – we keep fighting and stay proactive, despite the gathering storms bringing multiple challenges for running a business in the midst of huge uncertainty not only to us but also to the rest of the market assures Piotr Bieliński, President and CEO of ACTION S.A.

In the first half of 2022, the company continued to steadily develop its B2C e-commerce business, substantially increasing the number of shipments delivered to end customers. Also, a series of specialized training workshops and webinars were run by Action Business Center for its B2B customers, who – equipped with the latest know-how acquired through them – were able to further grow their business by effectively distributing technologically advanced solutions.

 As is evident from above, we have learned to operate across various sectors, moving further and further beyond IT. This gives us even more business stability as these sectors have different seasonality patterns. Consequently, we are able to make efficient and flexible use of our logistics, customer service and financial resources in all of them. Our strategy guarantees us predictability and independence, which works to the advantage of our business in the present economic climate. We believe this all will make it easier for us to manage the organisation in the challenging and uncertain future ahead, adds Sławomir Harazin, Vice-President of the Board of Action S.A.

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