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President & CEO Piotr Bieliński

Piotr Bieliński
President & CEO

Piotr Bieliński has been one of ACTION S.A.'s founders and has supplied his ideas for most of the Company's projects. As a person with a remarkable skill of noticing attractive market gaps, he has made the decision to expand the Company's product range by adding high-margin private brands. Mr Bieliński can outrun the market with its actions, which he also proved by investing in e-commerce projects.

As a co-creator of the modern IT product distribution and manufacturing market, Mr Bieliński has won numerous awards, including the two "IT Person of the Year" titles, a prestigious distinction awarded to the individuals with special achievements in management of IT companies and in implementation of new ideas or projects and - last but not least - to fair players. In 2013 Mr Piotr Bieliński was honoured with yet another renowned award in the Business Achievements category of the 21st INFO-STAR 2012 environmental competition. Its winners are selected by a committee of prominent representatives of the IT industry, including entrepreneurs, scientists and other individuals who have made significant contributions to its development in Poland.

Sport is one of Piotr Bieliński's life passions. He has been a triple Polish junior champion in 1,500 metre sprint, a discipline he has not abandoned until present. He also loves cycling and regularly takes part in Bike Marathons. In 2015 he came 12. in 45-49 category in Fanja BTC City Ljubljana, thus he qualified for the Masters World Cup. In 2015 Piotr Bielinski took 4th place in Central - Eastern Europe Amateur Cycling Championship what can be included to his sport achievements as well. Mr Bieliński ambition to reach for the peaks is not limited to business: in March 2011 he ascended Kilimanjaro in just two days.

Vice President Sławomir Harazin

Sławomir Harazin
Vice President

Working with ACTION almost from the very start of our firm, Mr Harazin started his career with ACTION 2 sp. z o.o. He kept building his business experience at various positions of the Group's companies, which enabled him to become familiar with all facets of its business operations.

His scope of duties included the business of the Company branch in Katowice, development of ActiveJet sales through a network of regional sales consultants and building the sales channel that provided access to commercial chains. Sławomir Harazin is a graduate of the Krakow Agricultural University and the AGH University of Science and Technology. He gained his business education e.g. at the Canadian International Management Institute, where he participated in the Management 2008 scheme based on the Executive Development Harvard Business School. His private hobbies include art, painting and music.