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The main principle the Company relies on in its business is that it should ensure the quality of its products and services and build trust and long-standing relationships with customers and partners.


The dynamic growth of ACTION S.A. and its strategy will make the company a leader on the distribution market, valued by its shareholders and customers for innovation, the professional and reliable service level and effectiveness in its quest for new ways to reach the broad community of the users of its products and services, ranging from corporate clients, through independent dealers to the mass consumer.

ACTION S.A. is an industry leader. The company, which is traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, is the parent entity in a capital group whose combined revenue has reached 3.5bn Polish zloty. ACTION S.A. is a distributor and manufacturer of IT hardware, consumer electronics and home appliances, office products and consumables. One of its primary objectives is to promote innovative solutions, which the company follows e.g. by actively developing its online sales channel and ensuring participation of business angels in its projects. As the owner of a warehouse centre equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ACTION S.A. also provides logistics services to third parties. In addition, the company offers quality products it sells under its own private brands: Actina (such as desktop PCs, servers), ActiveJet (UPS units, consumables, alternative light sources – such as LEDs), Actis (value consumables) and Pentagram (including tablets, PC, smart phones, networking products).

ACTION S.A. is responsible for general management of its capital group, whose members include profitable manufacturers, trade companies and distributors.

In 2013 ACTION S.A. increased its operations onto the German IT market. The German branch of the company was based on Devil A.G.’s assets, which allowed smooth functioning in the German market from the beginning of its existence. In 2014, the company increased its commitments in Devil GmbH and became its sole owner. To emphasize the direction of changes in the company’s operations of Devil and the obligatory new, worldwide distribution standards, it was decided to change the name of the company to Action Europe GmbH.

In 2014, Action Capital Group launched a new company called Action Games Lab. The company specializes in the production process of mobile games. Its main objective is to be recognized for mobile excellence in the gaming world (http://actiongameslab.com/).