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We protect our natural environment

We understand that natural resources are our common treasure, which must be preserved for the future generations, too. We feel responsible for the impact of our business on our environment. In order to minimise our environmental footprint, we promote healthy lifestyles, moderation in the consumption of goods and a reduction of waste.

We have implemented a waste segregation and management system. At our Company, employees sort the waste to maximise their recycling. We save materials and energy (print double-sided and use energy-efficient lighting in all rooms). Each company building floor has separate bins for the different types of waste. We keep our vehicles clean and in good condition.

We work with electrical and electronic waste processing firms and with end-of-life battery recyclers.

See what you should do with end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment
See what you should do with end-of-life rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries

ActiveEco is another initiative in the company Action aimed at protecting the environment. This is a conservation project that involves collecting used ink and toner from printing devices. Participants in the program ActiveEco not only care about the environment, but also support the project “Noble Package”.