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Action S.A. is a distribution company and an entity responsible for the overall management of ACTION Capital Group. It started its activity in 1991 from trading in software and computer peripherals. Gradually, the company's offer expanded to include further categories related to the broadly understood IT, later also household appliances, audio/video devices and GSM equipment. In 2006, ACTION made its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and the “Parkiet” newspaper named its debut the best in that year. Over time, in order to adapt the business to the changing market, more product categories were included in the company's portfolio, including children's products, toys, cosmetics and power tools. Thanks to this, after more than 25 years, Action is a huge commercial group that offers more than 30,000 products.


CloudTeam is one of the leading IT training companies in Poland specializing in Cloud Computing, both in the field of consulting and training services. Operating throughout Poland, it provides authorized Amazon Web Services training (AWS) for CIOs, architects, system operators and programmers. The scope of services also includes technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Office365, Google Cloud Platform, G Suite, and other solutions offered by Microsoft, Citrix, Comptia and Veeam.

Action Games Lab

Action Games Lab is a company that produces games for mobile devices. Its creators are experts in the gaming and IT industry and a team of specialized employees who combine their passions with innovative technologies. Using their experience, which is recognized by the most demanding enthusiasts of multimedia entertainment, the company, apart from game projects, plans to engage in the broadly understood multimedia entertainment, available on all platforms.