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Why join Action?

If you are here, it probably means that you are looking for a (new) challenge in your life. Whether you are only just starting to build your career or are already an expert with years of experience, you definitely know what you want to achieve.

If you decide to apply to join our team, and we decide to choose you, one thing is sure: with the right motivation and team spirit, you will be able achieve much more than you think.

At ACTION, we believe that there are so many good and interesting things to do that there is no time to wait. Start your new challenge with us today! If you are ambitious, honest, open-minded and ready to work in a dynamic environment, we would love to welcome you aboard!

Advantages of working for Action.
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Your career

We will help you build your individual career path which will give you the opportunity for professional development with our experts. We ensure that every employee has a chance to gain experience through vertical and horizontal promotion, also between different departments.


We will take care of your development. For all our employees, we offer in-house training and also the opportunity to participate in external workshops and training programmes, to help them build and expand their competences.

Workplace environment

We offer not only a comfortable and safe working environment, but also a canteen and a free car park in front of our headquarter. All Action offices and facilities are friendly for persons with disabilities.


We encourage all our employees to spend their leisure time actively. Therefore, apart from a free sport and leisure programme, we also offer our own company squash court and a gym. We also support our employees who take part in team sports competitions representing our company in Business Cup tournaments.


For all our employees and their families, we offer the opportunity of a group insurance programme and a private healthcare package.

Other benefits

Together, we celebrate all successes of our employees and our company. We prepare seasons packages with goodies and treats for the youngest children of all our staff. And if you are passionate about music, you can pursue your passion in the company’s own music club.