about action

Who we are

We have been writing our story as a trading company since the early 1990s, when the free market first came to Poland in the course of the systemic transformation. Like many other Polish IT companies of that era, we took our first business steps at the now defunct Warsaw Computer Exchange, once the biggest street market for hardware and software vendors in Poland. It was the cradle of Polish entrepreneurship and technology industry that gave birth to Action and a number of other companies now recognisable not only in Poland but also worldwide.

By closely following the global market trends and the change in the trading model (emergence of e-commerce), Action has become a major trading group offering a range of +50,000 products in a number of various categories and under different models of cooperation with business partners (B2B) and end customers (B2C). Now, Action is:

Our strengths

  • Wide offer

    We offer a wide range of products:

    • Computer hardware & components (also for gaming)
    • Computer networks, storage, CCTV
    • PV installations
    • Lighting
    • Building automatics
    • Consumer electronics
    • Large domestic appliances
    • Power tools and other tools
    • Home and Garden
    • Sports and Outdoors
    • Interiors
    • Pet products
    • FMCG
    • Toys and games for children
    • Cosmetics
    • and other
  • Highly Automated Logistics Centre

    We have our own logistics centre (32,000 sqm) with a capacity to deliver 100,000 parcels a day.

  • Easy integration of IT systems

    We provide tools for easy and quick integration of IT systems via EDI, API and XML – as needed by our partners.

  • Tradition

    We first started in 1991 as an IT distributor. Today, Action is not only a manufacturer but also a major e-commerce supplier and distributor of various brands across a number of product categories with a workforce of 600 people all around Poland.

  • Credibility and transparency

    We are a public company – ACTION S.A. has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2006. Transparency and accountability are our two main values.

  • Exports to +50 countries

    We export product to over 50 countries worldwide. We are always open for new projects and new export directions.


We are a dynamic and modern trading platform that – thanks to our unique experience in the B2C sector – also perfectly understands the needs of the B2B sector. As a manufacturer of Actina computers and Activejet home and office products, we know the needs of B2C customers and have the right tools to respond to them. Additionally, as a provider of products and services for e-commerce, we have the know-how which provides effective sales support to our partners. All this together gives us an edge in serving our B2B customers in the area of Value-Added Distribution as we better understand our partners’ perspective and have all the necessary instruments to effectively accommodate it. The synergy of activities in both of these areas, B2C and B2B, as well as the strategic search for long-term profitability and business advantages for all Action partners allow us to effectively operate in this business model, which is unique in the market.

Our mission

We provide access to products and services that help us and our partners grow their business.

Our vision

To become together with our partners an important trade chain link in Poland and Europe.

Our brands and projects