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  • Minimum requirements for new Customers that must be met to obtain trade credit from ACTION S.A.:

    • Minimum time in business: 12 months
    • At least three purchases of goods at a total value of €5,000 excl. VAT within the last 6 months and no payment default incidents*
    • New customers with stable market and financial standing shall be approached individually and provided their risk review results are favourable, they may be granted credit as soon as the terms specified in the preceding clause have been met.

    * ACTION S.A. reserves its right to amend the minimum purchase transaction value required as a condition for trade credit limit approval.

    2. Credit process:

    • Customer applies for credit limit via the I-SERWIS platform and submits the appropriate documents required by ACTION S.A. as specified.
    • Risk is evaluated and credit decision is issued.
    • Customer provides the following collaterals:
      • standard collateral: blank promissory note with a promissory note agreement
      • for limits up to 50,000 Polish zloty no collaterals are required, unless the intelligence we obtain make a requirement necessary.
    • Credit facility is opened for the customer.

    3. ACTION S.A. reserves the right to amend the credit terms agreed at any time if ACTION S.A. or any third party commissioned with the risk assessment task on behalf of ACTION S.A. believes there are reasons to implement such an amendment.


    Should you have any queries, please contact the Finance Department:

    Wioletta Gardzińska
    Credit control specialist
    Telephone. (22) 332 22 91
    Fax (22) 332 16 02
    Email: wioletta.gardzinska@action.pl

    Nina Nowakowska
    Junior credit control specialist
    Telephone: 22 332-14-11,Mobile: + 48 608 352 945 ext. 745
    Fax: 022 332-16-02
    Email: nina.nowakowska@action.pl

  • Conditions for registration:

    • current registered business
    • active and valid VAT ID

    ACTION S.A is a wholesaler. The goods sold are intended for resale.

    To start cooperation with ACTION S.A., please complete the registration form (CLICK HERE).

    Copies of the following documents are required:

    • business registration documents
    • document confirming VAT registration
    • completed TAF and Authorization forms

    Please provide your up-to-date telephone number and e-mail address to allow verification of the information submitted. Our confirmation of your registration, along with your ID, password and e-serwis login name and your copy of business partner agreement shall be forwarded to you by e-mail.

    System login procedure:

    After you have received your password and login name, please do the following:

    • Copy and paste your login and password in appropriate fields.
    • Change your original registration password to your own one (the password is stored in an encrypted format, so it is not possible for us to retrieve it and show it to you).

    Please report all issues related to your logging in to e-serwis to the following e-mail addresses: i-serwis@action.pl.