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A strong beginning of the year by GK ACTION S.A.

Work from scratch done in recent years, expansion of sales channels and product offer, strengthening of the distribution department with added value and development of e-commerce, combined with the increased demand for electronics and e-commerce acceleration during the pandemic, made GK ACTION S.A. generate over PLN 18 million of net profit with a margin of 8.3% in the first quarter of this year.

GK ACTION S.A. ended the first quarter of this year with a profit of PLN 18,311 thousand and revenues at the level of PLN 525,317 thousand, which means an increase of 12.35 percent as compared to the same period last year. EBITDA amounted to PLN 18,083 thousand. In the analyzed period, the margin remained at a stable, high level of 8.3%.

We are very happy with the Q1 2021 results. They show that we are able to swiftly capture opportunities emerging on the market. And although they are favorable for everyone in our industry, thanks to lessons learned in revitalization and a change in our strategy, we are now developing proper scale and profitability, which is confirmed by the strong financial result for the first quarter – says Piotr Bieliński, President of the Management Board of ACTION S.A. – This result is also the effect of hard work of the Action team and our partners who decided to undertake cooperation with us. I would like to thank everyone for their trust and years of common experiences, and we have quite a lot of them since, after all, this year we are celebrating 30-year anniversary of Action – adds Piotr Bieliński.

E-commerce as the driving force behind Action's development

The company's logistic center located in Zamienie near Warsaw is the heart of the business ecosystem of the ACTION S.A. Capital Group. It is ranked among top warehouses in Poland appreciated for their efficiency and modern logistics solutions (Eurologistics ranking). Thanks to good, automated logistics, prepared for independent data exchange, it is able to handle 100 thousand parcels every day, delivering goods within 24 hours in Poland and within 48 hours almost all over Europe.

The pandemic has shown that we cannot cope without online trading, so we need to invest in its development. For us, e-commerce has two basic dimensions. The first is about building our own channels and projects that use our logistics (sferis, gram, krakvet). The second and currently key dimension of our strategy involves efficient delivery of products to e-commerce businesses of our partners in Poland and abroad. That is why we focus on a wide and diversified offer, which is easier to be displayed on the Internet and sold with profit – emphasizes Sławomir Harazin, Vice-President of the Management Board of ACTION S.A.

VAD segment – stable development of product and training offer

At the same time, in the first quarter of this year, Action continued to invest in extending knowledge and competence of its business clients by offering them a number of on-line training courses and specialist workshops. As we can see from our experience of the past two years, during which Action Business Center trained over 5.5 thousand customers at nearly 200 training courses, this direction of development has already become a well-established part of the Company's offer.

- We concentrate primarily on the development of competence, engineering support and education in order to strengthen the partner market and enhance advanced RES products, but not only, with additional value. Computer networks, CCTV, Auto-ID, storage, servers, NAS, home automation are the areas on which we place great emphasis in Poland, in cooperation with partners– sums up Sławomir Harazin.

Selected financial data of GK ACTION S.A. for Q1 2021


For Q1
PLN thousand 2021 2020 yoy change %
Revenues 525 317 467 554 57 763 12,35
Operating costs 28 720 26 338 2 382 9,04
EBITDA 18 083 3 181 14 902 -
Net profit 18 311 1 588 16 723 -

Date:: 2021-06-02 powrót