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LLPA, whose member is CloudTeam, an ACTION Group company, becomes Winner of 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Learning Award

This year, the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in the Learning category has been granted to the Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA), a group of 33 leading IT training companies from five continents. Among them is CloudTeam, an ACTION Group company, who is LLPA’s only member from Poland. LLPA was recognized for providing outstanding solutions and services in learning worldwide.

“Together with other LLPA members, who are leading learning partners from all around the world, we gave more than 100,000 individuals the opportunity to take their Microsoft Azure skills and competence to the next level. We put the power of the Microsoft cloud in hundreds of thousands of individual professional hands and supported businesses closely as they embarked on or continued their journey towards digital transformation with the aim of becoming future-ready. This award is a true reflection of the hard work our organization has dedicated in close cooperation with Microsoft to help our customers and partners achieve successful business outcome,” said Michał Karski, Chief Technology Officer, LLPA, and Chief Cloud Architect and Vice-President of CloudTeam.

The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards recognize Microsoft partners that have developed and delivered exceptional Microsoft-based solutions during the past year. Awards were classified in several categories, with winners chosen from a set of more than 3,300 submitted nominations from more than 100 countries worldwide.

CloudTeam, as the only training company in Poland, is a member of LLPA, a highly-selective group of 33 IT training companies from Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and Australia. To become a member of LLPA, very rigorous conditions must be met. Only the leading training centres in their country of origin are accepted, and the highest level of services provided as well as the best marketing and sales competence are required.

Thanks to its LLPA membership, CloudTeam can share and exchange knowledge, resources and specialisations with other top IT training companies in Europe and worldwide to be able to provide the most comprehensive training courses portfolio and to satisfy the rapidly growing needs of the IT industry in Poland.

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