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In Q3 2020, ACTION Capital Group generated a healthy net profit of PLN 6,692 thousand

ACTION Capital Group closes the third quarter with a higher-than-expected result and broadens its customer base in Poland and abroad. During the restructuring process, the Company not only carried out cost optimization but also devised a new, robust business development strategy based on the highly diversified commercial and training offer, and on streamlined logistics.

Amid the flourishing online trade, and as a result of its ongoing quest for potential market niches for new business development, Action’s new strategy is proving its worth. Consequently, the company is able to benefit from the changes on the global e-commerce market.

Today, while forging our business future in Poland and abroad, well aware of what we lived through in the past mainly thanks to the successful restructuring process, we are ready, once that process is formally completed, to set sail and embark on a new journey as a first-choice company for our partners. Action is an important link in the e-commerce market chain, which gives us a solid foundation for further development of our business, says Piotr Bieliński, President and CEO of ACTION S.A.

 Expansion of Action Business Center and the Consumer Segment

The strategy of the Company, developed during the restructuring process, rests on two main pillars. The first one is Action Business Center, which deals with valued added distribution targeted mainly at clients on the domestic market. And the second one is the wide range of consumer products offered to online stores across Poland and all the EU.

Through Action Business Center, Action targets resellers, integrators and installers who, thanks to the Company’s support in form of a wide range of training and experienced technology and design services, can offer all-around solutions to their customers for every investment project in the areas of highly advanced ICT systems, including servers, computer networks, security systems, as well as HVAC solutions and lately also photovoltaic systems.

Since, upon the completion of the restructuring process, we wish to be an even more valuable provider to our partners, we have to now implement schemes aimed not only at doing profitable but also more sustainable business, based on renewable energy sources. That’s why, within Action Business Center, we continue to develop ours photovoltaics project which, combined with our other solutions, creates an ecosystem for fully-automated, “green” investments which can be developed by our business partners, adds Sławomir Harazin, Vice-President of the Board of Action S.A.

In the Consumer Products segment, Action focuses on further growth of its business within the European Union as it is a vast market with immense development opportunities. In the cooperation with a growing number of international partners, the Company is supported by its highly automated logistics solutions and advanced IT systems applied in Action’s state-of-the-art logistics center, which have helped the Company become an even more effective link in the European e-commerce supply chain.


Q3 Q1-Q3 cumulatively
PLN ‘000 Q3 2020 Q3 2019 Y/Y change % Q1-Q3 2020 Q1-Q3 2019 zmiana rdr Y/Y change %
Revenue 464 807 407 167 57 640 14,2 1 412 838 1 143 022 269 816 23,6
Operating expenses 25 025 28 591 -3 566 -12,5 76 575 85 111 -8 536 -10,0
EBITDA 8 802 -2 091 10 893 - 17 631 -2 014 19 645 -
Net profit 6 692 -4 109 10 801 - 11 511 -8 535 20 046 -

Date:: 2020-11-30 powrót