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Action quickly changing

Just pass 2 months from the start of restructuring proceedings of Action.
Initiation of restructuring proceedings it was not only a necessity to defend Polish business in the face of unjust decision of Polish Tax Office, but it was also a chance for much faster changes. Thanks to restructuring proceedings the Company has the opportunity to change the business, modify strategy and close unprofitable projects.

The new sales model in the Action Group

In the opinion of the Management Board of ACTION, just introduced profound changes, will make the Group even more competitive in the market of sales and distribution. - Standard distribution model already slowly passes into history. Who does not understand the new laws of the market and won’t adapt to them, their businesses will have difficulty maintaining good results. - Says Piotr Bieliński, President of the Management Board of ACTION SA - We constantly observe dynamic changes in the IT distribution market and like so many other players, looking for answers to the question of how to adjust to it its future business. As always in our actions we are trying to stay ahead of the market. I know, we aim high, but at the first; who does not aiming high, will never be able to win; and secondly better take care of your business and act rather than comment on the fate of competitors - adds Piotr Bieliński, President of the Management Board of ACTION SA.

We should take into account such factors as the concentration of producers of some players, the lack of innovative products, a huge market saturation and changing of buying habits of society, the answer comes alone. We want to convert a distributor in a professional trade group, or change the pattern of trade. Modify the standard distribution model, use tighter e-commerce, and above all regain control of sales channels, which nowadays have been taking over directly by producers. - Says Sławomir Harazin, Vice President of the Management Board of ACTION SA - We have a huge scale of the action, the experience which have been bulding up over the years, efficient logistics and direct channels. In one word, we go according to plan, not only restructuring one, but also business. - Emphasizes Edward Wojtysiak, Vice President of the Management Board of ACTION SA.

Financial results

In the first half of 2016 year Action Group generated 1 895 160 thousand PLN revenue from sale and 208 thousand PLN net profit. Profitability Gross margin was amount of 6.7% an increase of 1.3 % compared to the same period in last year.

It is worth to add that the estimated revenues GK ACTION in August was in amount to nearly 200 million PLN. - August was the first month of working in the new realities related business restructuring proceedings, and still came out very positively. It is still too little to celebrate success. But the restucturing proceedings is there for introduce the company to the path of stable growth and on this we work - says Piotr Bielinski, CEO.

Date:: 2016-09-30 powrót