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Actina GAMEON is back in the game

Actina, in cooperation with Be Quiet!, Nvidia, Intel and SteelSeries, has decided to relaunch the production of its uber-capable Actina GAMEON gaming rigs. This unique equipment is designed, built and tested by the most passionate gamers, from beginning to end.

"New games tend to be of better quality and surprise the gamer with their elaborate plots and top-notch graphics.
To take full advantage of your journey through the virtual world, you should invest in state-of-the-art equipment, actually allowing you to save money in the long run. Therefore, Actina, together with other leading manufacturers of IT components, has drawn on its experience with GameOn products to develop a new series of gaming rigs",
says Łukasz Jakubowski, Product Manager for Actina Desktop Computers.

Our range includes computers dedicated not only to hardcore gamers but also to mid-core ones, who share the same high expectations when it comes to the number of frames per second and level of detail in the latest AAA games. The manufacturer announces the further development of its range of products. It will systematically reveal new builds. Limited edition rigs will be dedicated to specific games.

"The selection of components for this computer was extremely pleasing and obvious: i5-6600K, the latest unlocked processor from Intel with a great potential for overclocking; carefully selected memory from Crucial which can also be OCed; and a motherboard with the Z170 chipset and high-quality audio. Together with the GTX 980, ultra quiet cooling system and an effective (and also quiet) power supply, we have the ideal set for a gamer", says Maciej Rychta, R&D Manager at Action S.A.

To learn more, visit konfigpc.actina.pl, a computer configuration wizard.

The first three builds will be available in February from Action's best partners and at www.sferis.pl.

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