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ACTION: The year 2016 is a time for huge challenge

ACTION S.A. asummed the year 2016, in which she began the restructuring proceedings. The opening of the restructuring proceedings allowed the continuation and implementation of changes in ACTION S.A. also in the entire ACTION Capital Group, which in last year generate 3 164 837 ths. PLN revenue from sales and 169 900 ths. PLN Gross profit from sales.

- We realise that our financial results for 2016 are different from those to which we had accustomed the market. But sometimes you have to step one after the other, then do two steps forward. For this we strive and work on it. Although some of our competitors are depreciating our value, but we know that it is still very big. We go ahead boldly, because we know that fate is conducive to brave - comments Piotr Bieliński, President of the Board ACTION S.A.

Restructuring proceeding drive to change the business
ACTION has stepped into business optimization in 2015, when factors such as the lack of innovative products, rigorous vendor-to-distributor policies, and changing trading patterns have started to hamper business in the industry.

- In 2016 this situation has intensified. Acting on a difficult and mature market, we knew that there was no other way to go forward than the complete change of the business model and adapt it to new market needs. So we began to change the face of ACTION S.A. and the companies of Action Capital Group. The process of transformations accelerated in August 2016, when faced with the unfair decisions of the Tax Office we had to open the restructuring proceeding with the court's consent. All this is to save the accomplishments we have been building with the ACTION crew for 25 years and also to finish the change proces – says Piotr Bieliński, President of the Board ACTION S.A.

Restructuring Plan - a courageous development strategy
A very important element of the restructuring proceeding is the development and implementation of the Restructuring Plan, which is implemented and realized according to the assumptions.

- Our Restructuring Plan has become an open-ended attempt to respond to problems in the IT distribution industry. It presents a complete development strategy customized to the current market reality. In our opinion, realization of this plan will allow us to locate our company in a different place than our long-term competition - adds Sławomir Harazin Vice President of the Board ACTION S.A.

Basic elements of the ACTION S.A. Restructuring Plan:
- building business on three pillars: best price, added value and strong own brands,
- resignation from unprofitable contracts and high risk of business concentration,
- Expand portfolio of non-IT products that have higher margins
- focus mainly on smaller and medium-sized entrepreneurs who over the years have been our main customers,
- consolidation of companies in the ACTION Capital Group.

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