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ACTION Capital Group: record high results and high margins in FY 2021 thanks to growth in key business areas

The year 2021 was the first full financial year in which ACTION S.A. was no longer operating as a company “under restructuring”. Thanks to the new business model developed during the restructuring period, in the reported period ACTION Capital Group generated consolidated revenues of PLN 2,307,109 thousand (EUR 503,956 thousand) and the consolidated profit of PLN 100,863 thousand (EUR 22,032 thousand), while maintaining the gross sales margin at 8.74 per cent.

The record performance and the high margin are driven by two main factors. The first one is the Company’s departure from the traditional distribution model, while the second one is its business development strategy focusing on growth in the following key areas: exports, sales support in the group of advanced products (VAD), e-commerce projects and own brands.

In 2021, we were successful in developing all the key areas of our business. One of them, the Exports Segment, has grown to account for more than 50 percent of ACTION’s total sales. In the Value Added Distribution Segment, which operates through Action Business Center, we continued to focus on regular commercial cooperation in the B2B area and on actively training our Partners to equip them with the unique knowledge indispensable in this business today. Moreover, our priority for 2021 was, and still is, the development of our e-commerce projects both in Poland and abroad,” says Piotr Bieliński, President and CEO of ACTION S.A.

ACTION’s future lies in e-commerce

In 2021, the Company continued to grow the E-commerce Segment in two ways. The first one is by developing own projects such as sferis.pl or krakvet.pl as well as auction platforms business. The aim of the second one is to support the e-commerce activities of ACTION Partners. In both, the Company uses its technical expertise and editorial resources to share knowledge about products and market trends.

One of ACTION’s biggest advantages is our highly diversified and wide range of products and services, which our Partners use in the logistics model of their choice. Another one is that shipments from our warehouse are delivered within 24 hours to any location in Poland and within 48 hours anywhere in the European Union. This is our standard. Also, our integration systems offer many possibilities and options for connecting Partners. So, our recipe for success in e-commerce are big range, good logistics and multi-level integration systems,” concludes Sławomir Harazin, Vice-President of the Board of Action S.A.

Repayment of the arrangement with creditors as planned

In 2021, ACTION S.A. started to repay its creditors according to the agreed schedule under the creditors’ arrangement, of which 47 per cent have been repaid thus far.

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