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The Company uses a management system certified for compliance with international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO 28000.

Regular audits conducted by the certifying authorities ensure our compliance with the up-to-date standards.

We were certified for ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 in 2004.

We were certified for ISO 27001:2005 in September 2008 and our compliance with the requirements of ISO 28000:2007 was officially confirmed in 2004.

System maintenance and our compliance with the standards is monitored by the Representative for the ISO Integrated Management System.

Having a certified system gives us a number of advantages:

  • an increased level of our customers' satisfaction and their trust for our brand,
  • increased efficiency of our organization,
  • a stronger competitive edge, both on the domestic and the foreign markets,
  • restriction of ineffective activities and better productivity.

The main principle the Company relies on in its business is that it should ensure the quality of its products and services and build trust and long-standing relationships with customers and partners.

In order to increase the quality of its products/services, the Company:

  • is constantly monitoring the market and responding to proposals and needs of its customers,
  • is upgrading its technologies and equipment used based on the most recent achievements of science and technology,
  • is constantly reviewing the processes followed and enhancing them,
  • periodically evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of the management policy applied.

One example of such activities is our keeping track of the causes of customer complaints and their processing time. That has already helped us reduce the average claim resolution time below 5 business days. In addition, all orders are shipped to the customer on the next business day after the date on which the order was placed.

In order to maintain an appropriate level of knowledge, improvement training courses on management systems are conducted on regular basis for all the Company's staff.