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Sferis is a dynamically growing chain of specialised retail shops that offer computer products, consumer electronics and home appliances. Sferis has been present on the market since 1992. Since 2007 Sferis has been part of the ACTION S.A. Group, whose parent company is publicly traded at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company's goodwill is primarily built by its own shops at the most prestigious shopping malls of the largest cities in Poland, as well as by a number of partner shops and stalls. Sferis shops offer an attractive range of products and services and follow the most recent technology and trends, encouraging the consumers to 'trust the experts', as the chain employs competent sales staff who keep developing their skills and focus on maximising customer satisfaction. An important advantage and a key success factor for the company's further e-commerce projects, is its access to one of the most advanced logistics centres in Poland, which enables it to swiftly process thousands of orders each day. As a proof of recognition by its customers, the Sferis chain was awarded the "Golden Consumer Laurel" in the "Computer Shops" category in year 2010, 2011, 2012. In years 2011 and 2012 the retailer won the "Secure eShop" competition, which was aimed at promoting good business practices in e-commerce, with a particular focus on reliability and integrity of the services provided by online shops.


Gram.pl is one of the largest Polish community and news portals for gamers, both those using PCs and consoles, and for the fans of the broadly defined electronic gaming entertainment. Gram.pl is also the largest Polish online shop with a rich selection of games, PC accessories and gaming consoles. Gram.pl uses more than 130 drop shipping points at which gamers can quickly collect the products they purchased. A clear proof of recognition for Gram.pl was CD Projekt's entrusting its online shopping site with the exclusive rights to run the pre-ordering campaign for the Collector's Edition of the "Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings" best-selling game.

The portal holds numerous competitions for its users and publishes its own prestigious TOP 10 list. Gram.pl is a member of SPiDOR (Entertainment Software Producers and Distributors’ Association). Its e-commerce site was also praised in whitepaper "Trust as the foundation of e-commerce", published in cooperation with Bankier.pl, a Polish financial portal, and the Ceneo.pl price comparison engine. With hundreds of game titles available, Gram.pl is a leader in digital distribution of PC games.

ACTION Education Centre: the best IT training centre in Poland

ACTION Education Centre (Polish name: ACTION Centrum Edukacyjne) offers authorised training, proprietary curricula and consultancy services in diverse areas of information technology and computer science. The Centre educates IT professionals. It works with Prometric and Pearson VUE testing centres to help its students in obtaining international professional certificates. ACTION Education Centre is currently the largest Microsoft training unit in Poland. In the financial year 2012, its Microsoft authorised training courses alone were attended by more than 3,000 participants. The Education Centre is also Poland's largest Prometric testing facility. It offers commercial training as well as courses subsidised by the European Social Fund (ESF). Thanks to its mobile training rooms and labs based on the available cloud infrastructure, the courses offered by ACTION Centrum Edukacyjne can take place anywhere in Poland. In 2012, for the second time in a row, ACTION Education Centre received the prestigious 2012 Microsoft Partner of the Year Learning Centre award, which was handed over at the annual Microsoft Strategy Partner Conference 2012. Microsoft recognised the innovative value of our education centre's training solutions, the quality of its services and the number of the training courses delivered.


The SFK scheme (short for the Polish for "Reliable Computer Firm") has been in operation since 2005 and is addressed at the reliable and proven trade partners of ACTION S.A. As a result of the SFK project, a nationwide network of local market retail leaders in computer products, consumer electronics and home appliances has been established. In 2009 the "Sfera Komputera" project was launched with the aim to ensure optimal coordination of marketing activities of SFK member shops. 2010 saw the launch of an innovative online shopping site at www.sfk.pl, operated by 40 independent businesses. The shop relies on the distributor's experience and product range and provides efficient and quick service to its customers.


ACTION Energy was established in 2009 as a company specialised in implementing modern and environmentally friendly renewable energy solutions.

Action Games Lab

In 2014, the company ACTION founded Action Games Lab, a company that produces games for mobile devices in Poland. Its creators are experts in the gaming and IT industry, with a team of dedicated employees who combine their passion with innovative technologies. Using their experience, which is appreciated by the most demanding lovers of multimedia entertainment, Action Games Lab, besides gaming projects, plans to address the wide-ranging multimedia entertainment which will be available on all platforms. The company's goal is to create excellence in the world of mobile gaming markets globally, while respecting its core values of quality, development, reciprocity and innovation.

Action Europe GmbH

The company was founded on the basis of Devil A.G.’s assets, which ensured its smooth functioning on the German market from the beginning of its existence, as well as being very popular- Devil was fourth in terms of brand recognition among IT distributors in the country. In 2014, Action increased its commitments in Devil GmbH and became its sole owner. To emphasize the direction of changes in the company’s operations of Devil and the obligatory new, worldwide distribution standards, it was decided to change the name of the company to Action Europe GmbH.