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What do you most value ACTION S.A. for?

From the perspective of the 10 years I have spent with ACTION, I can clearly see we keep growing all the time. We believe that variety is the key to creativity and long-term development of the company, so ACTION employs a lot of different people: younger and older, women and men, experienced and beginners. There is one trait however which all those people share: it's their incredible persistence in following their objectives, which are all aligned with the general objective of the company's growth. Such persistence in pushing for development is of great value for the organisation. It's all about thinking each day how we can do better than our competitors, how we can keep winning. Such attitude is also a valuable thing to all the staff, as no one can be bored, with the new interesting challenges emerging and new opportunities to grow. At ACTION we know that the company's potential and success is built by people. That is why we also invest in the development of our employees.

Sebastian Stępniewski
Warehouse manager

How do you evaluate the opportunities for development at ACTION S.A.?

My career with ACTION started almost 5 years ago, while I was still a fifth year student at the University of Warsaw. My first role with Action was that of a marketing specialist. As the time went by, I kept acquiring new skills and expertise. I was not only learning from my colleagues and managers but took part in training courses as well. They improved my competence and consequently made my actions more effective. One of the great things at ACTION are the 'custom tailored' training courses. They enable each employee to develop in their field of choice. Employees are also free to contact the HR and share their ideas in that respect. One of the most interesting courses I took part in were the workshops on negotiating with Asian business partners.
Each ACTION employee can develop and nourish his or her individual talents and follow their own professional ambitions. From the very start of my employment with ACTION I clearly knew what sort of career path I wanted to take. I passed the subsequent stages and successfully reached the independent position I work at today.

Ewelina Woldan-Nowak
ActiveJet marketing manager

What kind of employer ACTION S.A. is?

ACTION is a company which allows its employees to develop themselves and build their rich experience by allocating them to many new projects, introducing new products, letting them work with suppliers and customers and have contact with new technologies. At ACTION there is no time for boredom, as there are always interesting tasks which one can deal with in a non-standard, individually devised way. I can notice that people are promoted at ACTION at various business units, not only in sales. Many people were promoted to the Export or Sourcing Department and can shape their career in a new direction. Trainees at ACTION can participate in the day-to-day operations of its departments, and if they are evaluated favourably, they can stay with us at a permanent position. ACTION also takes care to ensure its staff spend their leisure time actively: the company has its own gym on its premises and a squash court which can be accessed by each of us. In addition, the firm is organising courses of English and Spanish.
ACTION is the employer I have been looking for.

Magdalena Kruszewska
Key account specialist

What would be your advice to the students who would like to work at ACTION?

The students, who would like to have a lot of options for their development, gain rich experience and a lot of new contacts should apply to ACTION. Only this year 5 trainees joined our permanent team as assistants, because they demonstrated their perfect Excel skills, fluency in English and their commitment to their tasks.

Michał Miłkowski
Product Manager